2017 Recipients
  Barbara & Jerry Haines
Hannah Gurniewicz, daughter of John Gurniewicz
Tower Sales Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA
  Burt Brazill Scholarship

Andrew Tumlin, son of
Joseph Tumlin
Tampa, FL
  Cleaves-Bessemer-Marietti Scholarship
Amanda Scott, daughter of 
Jay Scott
Grissinger-Johnson Sales
Plymouth, MN
  Donald Egan Scholarship
Shannon Quinn, daughter of
Thomas Quinn
Grissinger-Johnson Sales
Plymouth, MN
  Ernie Lester Scholarship 
Cole Stillman, son of
Todd Stillman
JF Nolan & Associates
New Berlin, WI

George E. Pickett, Jr. Scholarship

​​Alec Cross, son of
James Cleveland
CSA Electrical Sales, Inc.
Miami, FL

  Joseph E. Biben Scholarship
Corrie Pfeiffer, daughter of 
Kelly Pfeiffer
Pfeiffer Sales Co.
Louisville, KY
  Lawrence C. Rodger Scholarship
Mason Joyner, daughter of
Tommy Joyner Jr.
General Power & Control Corp.
Geismar, LA
  Lee Guard Scholarship
Hannah Gray, daughter of
Teresa Gray
Associated Products
Little Rock, AR
  Leslie Osterman Scholarship

Brenna Quinn, daughter of
Thomas Quinn
Grissinger-Johnson Sales
Plymouth, MN
  Lutron Scholarship
Brett McLoughlin, son of
John McLoughlin
One Source Associates
Columbia, MD
  Peter Ewing Scholarship 
Emma Vejzovic, daughter of 
Semir Vejzovic
Tower Sales Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA
  SERA Group Scholarship
Sarah Walker, daughter of
Margaret Walker
Locust Electric
Ardmore, PA
  Thomas F. Preston Scholarship
Ariana Devereaux, daughter of
William Devereaux
R/B Sales Corporation
Marion, IA
  Wilfred B. Goldschmidt Scholarship
​​​​​​​Caroline Parker, daughter of
Frank Parker Jr.
Charles W Ashby Co Inc.
Birmingham, AL 
  NEMRA would like to recognize the following companies
and individuals for their generous contributions:
(Gifts received from July 1, 2016- April 19, 2017)
A.A. MacPherson Co.
B.N. Yanow
Casey Bergquist, Inc.
The Ben Franklin Electric Club
Cathy Egan
CQ Industries
D.A.D. Sales
Desdowd Inc.
Donald J. Hickey & Associates
E-TEL, Inc.
Ewing-Foley, Inc. 
Family & Friends of Peter Ewing
Gary & Sharon Lessing
Henry & Jacqueline Bergson
Intralec Electrical Products, LTD
Joe Bertsch Electrical Sales
Kenneth W. Hooper
Lawrence C. Rodger Jr
Lesco Inc.
Martin Electrical Sales, Inc.
Nancy Young
Pfeiffer Sales Company
Robert A. Amey Company
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