NEMRA Guidelines

NEMRA publishes a series of Guidelines designed to help representatives and manufacturers improve and enhance their business relationships.

NEMRA Guidelines contain suggested
contract language, templates for negotiating agreements, planning outlines, and more.

NEMRA Guidelines are available, at no
charge to all NEMRA, CEMRA, and NMG members.

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(Copies are available to non-members for $45 each.)

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» GUIDELINES NEMRA Marketing Territories
» GUIDELINES Compensation Guidelines for Manufacturers and their Independent Representatives
» GUIDELINES Developing New Markets with Independent Sales Reps
» GUIDELINES Establishing and Benefiting from Rep Councils
» GUIDELINES Evaluation of a Prospective Representative and a Prospective Principal
» GUIDELINES Handling Line Conflicts
» GUIDELINES Marketing Promotions and Product Launches
» GUIDELINES Negotiating Agreements Between Sales Representatives and Manufacturers
» GUIDELINES Negotiating an Agreement to Warehouse Consigned Stock Between a Manufacturer and an Independent Representative
» GUIDELINES Planning the Business Year
» GUIDELINES Preparing Employment Agreements
» GUIDELINES Representative Agency Publicity and Promotion
» GUIDELINES Sub-Agency/Commission Representative Agreements
» GUIDELINES Profitability Through Communications and Performance
» GUIDELINES Technology and Communications