Introducing RepFiles.

Repfiles, LLC is a marketing material distribution system for mobile devices.  The system allows company marketing managers to easily distribute marketing material to multi-line agent’s mobile devices quickly and efficiently. 

Sales teams will receive marketing material live through the cloud – information can be stored locally for instant access on mobile devices, with or without an internet connection.

Do more with less.

Think of it as an end to end file distribution system for manufacturers, distributors and sales agencies.  RepFiles makes it easy for an organization to prepare field sales personnel with a complete package of sales material available 24/7.  With RepFiles, there is no longer a need to produce, distribute, and carry physical sales and marketing pieces. 

RepFiles has also partnered with NEMRA, and its dedicated to training its members on the use of this new, mobile technology in the field sales environment.

The RepFiles system consists of 4 key components:

1. Desktop Application
2. High speed high availability cloud storage
3. Core iOS, Android and Windows applications
4. Custom access key plug-in application

RepFiles is dedicated to increasing the efficiency, preparedness and success of today’s mobile professional.  Our innovative mobile applications place sales and marketing material into the field and closer to the customer quickly and efficiently.  RepFiles will see that your field personnel are prepared for anything, anywhere, anytime.

For additional information, click here to access the RepFiles website or email