What is MRPAR?

 Manufacturers’ Representative Performance Analysis Report (MRPAR) is a new NEMRA initiative designed to serve as an easy-to-understand, actionable tool for manufacturers’ reps to evaluate their company’s operating results.

MRPAR is an annual report. Every year, industry statistics are compiled into a report from a confidential, financial performance survey developed and administered by an independent third party research firm.

MRPAR is easy to complete. Average time to provide the data is less than one hour.

MRPAR offers you two reports:

- MRPAR Highlights Report
- MRPAR Personalized Report

How can MRPAR help you?

- Do you know your agency’s strengths and weaknesses?
- Would you like to identify opportunities for operational improvement?

Participating in MRPAR will provide you with an annual planning tool that you can use to help make improvements to your business. Whether it’s leveraging a strength or eliminating a weakness, this report will guide you towards better operating results.

For more information on MRPAR please contact NEMRA Headquarters at:

(914) 524-8650 or nemra@nemra.org