"Awe - If Only This Software Had This Feature!" by Kurt Nelson, NEMRA

“Awe - if only this software had this feature!”  There are so many different CRM solutions available today, and as they compete in the market, their complexity increases with every update, making it virtually impossible to use every feature in the software.
In 2006, I spoke on the subject of CRM at the IDEA E-Biz forum hosted by NAED, NEMA, Electro-Federation Canada and NEMRA.  I made the statement “It does not matter how many features your CRM program has.”  "The cheapest, most basic CRM solution with excellent implementation and consistent accountability for use, will yield greater results than an expensive complicated solution with average implementation and use."

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Posted: 7/6/2015 11:49:29 AM by Kirsty Stebbins

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